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The Microdot 25th exhibition event poster alternativelt titles 'The Sleeve That Never Was' or 'The Story Of My Life' is an installation of things relevant to the life and work of Microdot founder Brian Cannon.

The posters are beautifully printed onto 250gsm silk art paper and are A1 in size (33 x 23 inches - 84 x 60cm)

Each one is personally signed by Brian.

Image 2 (below - scroll down to view) contains numbers corresponding to the list below explaining the relevance of the objects in the composition.

1. The first piece of Oasis merchandise, a t shirt sold at very early gigs by the bands merchandise operative - Bonehead. This shirt was later reissued with solid white lettering, this original has a fine outline to the lettering.
2. A shot from Brian’s ‘Northern Soul – A Photographic Journey’ project documenting the scene today.
3. A shot of the first Microdot studio, Manchester – 1990. On view can be seen the sum total of Microdot hardware at that time – a photocopier and a drawing board.
4. A vintage record player playing a copy of the Sex Pistols ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ – Brian’s favourite album.
5. Two miniature Beatles figurines given by a fan who knew of Brian’s love for the band.
6. Camera – long before Microdot was established Brian had a great love of photography – actively taking photographs from the age of 14.
7. Book case containing books on Wigan Athletic, John Peel, The Beatles, Cuban street graphics, Punk Rock, graphic design and photography.
8. One of only 5 ‘The Verve’ rugs made by Virgin Records in the 1990’s.
9. Brian’s 1965 Lambretta.
10. Adidas Indoor Super – the trainers worn by Brian in the now famous meeting in the Manchester lift between him and Noel Gallagher.
11. Oasis ‘Definitely Maybe’ gold disc signed by Noel Gallagher.
12. Screen print of Brian’s daughter Holly.
13. Picture of Brian’s parents wedding day.
14. The number plate used on the burning car depicted on the inner sleeve of Verve’s first album ‘A Storm In Heaven’.
15. The Burberry jacket worn by Brian on the front cover of Oasis album Morning Glory.
16. Safety pin image – denoting the influence Punk had on the whole Microdot phenomenon.
17. Scalpel, tin of glue, cutting mat and metal ruler – homage to the analogue method of working, popularised in early Microdot designed sleeves.
18. Diaries and sketch books from the 90’s.

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