Bonehead - Wall Of Sound - Ltd Edition Print

por Brian Cannon

The third image in Bonehead’s limited edition print series will be on sale from 7pm on Friday the 26th March. Photos taken by Bonehead and each print personally signed by him. The three images, all Definitely Maybe related, are themed as follows;

  1. Bonehead’s legendary Epiphone Riviera – Recording of the album.
  2. The flamingo ornament seen on the mantlepiece on the cover of Definitely Maybe – Artwork/packaging of the album.
  3. Bonehead’s custom made pedal board, splitter box, and Fender bassman cabinet – Live performance of the album - the wall of sound.

Guitarists in rock n roll bands almost always use effects pedals when playing live, the purpose of the pedals is to achieve different sounds from the guitar being played. In Bonehead’s case, however, the purpose of the pedal board was volume and power! It was via his custom made board, splitter box and selection of up to six amps and speakers that the legendary Bonehead Oasis wall of sound was created.

Every song from Definitely Maybe was played through the set up in the image.

The six switches on the pedal board controlled the amps via the splitter box as follows;

‘All’ – Activated the Marshall and Fender Bassman 1, the two combined to give an exaggerated, mega loud, driving sound.

‘W.Wall’ – The eagle eyed among you will have spotted ‘W.Wall’ on the board and will know that Wonderwall was not on Definitely Maybe. This option was added for later performances and cut out all other speakers to activate a clean sounding Vox amp.

‘Spare’ – Should anything go wrong with the powerhouse main amps, the JTM50 would come in as back up.

‘Boost’ – Would add the second Fender Bassman ‘Bass 2’ to the sonic landscape to give more power.

‘Boost 2’ – When an ear melting level of Oasis piledriver thrust was required – such as at the ends of ‘I Am The Walrus’ and ‘Rock n Roll Star’, the JTM45 would come on along with the Marshall and the 2 Fender Bassmans to complete the crescendo!

‘Mute’ – cut out all amplified sound, should Bonehead need to tune up.

All of the amps were combined with Bonehead's legendary Epiphone Riviera - and that’s how the definitive Oasis wall of sound was created.

Oh, not to forget - the brass horse from the Definitely Maybe mantlepiece is on top of the Fender speaker. 

Limited edition of 375 - each print personally signed by Bonehead.

Print on sale from 7pm Friday the 26th March HERE

Some copies of print 2 – The Flamingo left and available HERE

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